About Turchese

Turchese story

Turchese was established in 2018 next to the four stars hotel Turquoise adults-only, in Agia Marina. At the time of establishment, we thought that the area could use a “different” Italian restaurant, that can combine traditional and authentic Italian dishes with local ingredients, seasoning and preparation.

We decided to make a restaurant that we can be proud of and enjoy the customers’ feedback on satisfaction. We have put all our effort in the interior design, in order to deliver an authentic Italian look and feel in combination with the “turchese” color

Turchese, Italian restaurant at Chania

The “Turchese Ristorante Italiano” is an atmospheric restaurant with unique cuisine, that comes out of the blending of 2 different cultures, the Italian and Cretan (Greek). This small and distinct restaurant is located in Chania prefecture, on the west side of Crete Island.

The tastes that you can find at Turchese, are coming from traditional Italian dishes, prepared with Cretan Imagination in order to deliver a near-perfect, taste experience even for the most demanding of palates!

The “traveler of tastes” may discover in Turchese, famous Italian dishes of pasta along with traditionally prepared, thin-crusted, Italian pizza with authentic “taste”.

Turchese Restaurant location

The restaurant “Turchese” is located in Agia Marina of Chania. Agia Marina is among the most popular tourist destinations of west-Crete Island, it is the ideal destination for the visitors seeking a relaxing beach destination for their holiday.

The town of Agia Marina is situated ten kilometers west of the Chania city, neighboring with Stalos and Platanias, areas. It’s unique location also makes it easily accessible to the most famous Cretan attractions. This coastal town is well known for the 2.8 kilometers long, Blue Flag awarded beach with a stunning mix of red and gold sand, fragrant coast lilies and palm trees.